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Benefits of ProExtender Ultimate™

  • Penis length and thickness increment
  • Curing Peyronie’s Disease (Straightening of curved or bent penis) and
  • Improving penis erection and stamina

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ProExtender Penis Extender System Ultimate ™

Our ProExtender Ultimate™ is the latest top of the line 4th Generation model. You can easily achieve an average of 2-3 inches increment in penis length or an overall increase of 30-35% in length and thickness within 15-16 weeks. ProExtender is unquestionably the most effective device for penile enlargement, Peyronie’s Disease (Curved or bent Penis condition) and Erectile Dysfunction. ProExtender is an advanced sleek compact designed and a very comfortable device that can be worn undetectable under your clothes in the comfort of your home, office and at work.

Introduced in 1994 by a renowned urologist from Denmark millions of ProExtender Penis Enlarger sold for the last 24 years with millions of successful and satisfied customers all over the world. ProExtender Ultimate™ carries a full one year warranty.

After extensive testing and in-depth clinical studies by the most recognized authority International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery in 1998, Barcelona, Spain it was concluded that the achievement of penis enlargement using ProExtender was 100% permanent.

It was also seen that the amount of traction or stretch has given by easy to use Proextender is gradual, precise, accurate and controlled which over a period of time gives fast and best results.

The increase in size of the penis through natural process strengthens the body overall. It also enhances the ability of the individual to achieve stronger erection and maintain the erection for a sufficiently longer period. As the individual is able to control the ejaculation and sustain erection for a required time, it allows him to try various positions and makes him satisfy his partner in bed. Thus the individual begins to enjoy a satisfying sexual life.


Peyronies / Bent (Curved) Penis: What It Is, What Causes It, Symptoms of Peyronies Disease And How To Treat It With ProExtender

peyronies-bent-penisPeyronies Disease is a condition that causes your penis to bend. It can bend either to the side or upwards. This means that you lose both length and girth due to the curvature.

The disease is caused by a buildup of plaque inside the penis.

Genetics And Age

Some Beta Blockers you might find Peyronies Disease as a side effect

Traumatic Event

If your penis undergoes a traumatic event or damage Peyronies Disease can be contracted.

Peyronies Disease can be contracted at any age. The difference is that as you get older it becomes easier to incur injury to the penis and your chances for other medical conditions that may cause Peyronies Disease go up.


Symptoms of Peyronies Disease:

  • New flat scar tissue
  • Curvature, arcing, and/or bending of the penis
  • “Soft” erections
  • Pain and/or sensitivity when handling the penis
  • Pain and/or sensitivity when having intercourse
  • Difficulty having intercourse
  • Shrinkage and/or shortening of the penis

ProExtender is the best affordable device that helps to correct your Peyronies Disease disfigurement without any surgery or special procedures. This simple device is designed to provide traction and stretching to the penis. It helps to refigure your genitals. The best part is that you don’t need any kind of doctor referral for the device.

The pro extender is the latest breakthrough in male enhancement technology and it has finally come to India.It is a device that increases the size of the male organ in an all-natural way using traction and without any surgery, pumps, the device can increase size in terms of both length and girth.

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We provide 1 year warranty and after sales technical service along with the product.
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Among many reasons a few brief simple reasons are:

  • We are the only importers selling original latest top of the line 4th Generation ProExtender Ultimate™ model.
  • We are the only company that provides after sales technical help to our customers.
  • Our product is backed by a complete range of spares.
  • We legally import Proextender and provide GST tax bill.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Among the several models available in market without any doubt, the best is the top of the line 4th Generation Proextender Ultimate Model which comes with 3 belts (Silicone Tube, Silicone Belt, and Velcro Belt)
On opening the Pro extender Ultimate Box you will find the complete Proextender device in assembled state with the following items:
2 Small Extender rods,
2 Large Extender rods,
1 Comfort Foam pad,
1 Silicone Tube,
1 Silicone Belt,
1 Velcro Belt,
Operation (Instruction) Manual,
Warranty Card.
Absolutely, since we give utmost importance to customer privacy hence we always make sure to ship all our products in plain plastic envelopes. Shipping labels are printed in the form of the invoice without any mention of the name of the product or the content inside the box. This way strict privacy is maintained
NO, at the present time we have waived off all shipping and COD charges for all our customers anywhere in India.
There are various methods to make payments such as COD (Cash on Delivery), Online payment using Credit Card / Debit Card, PayTM, NetBanking, Bank Deposit, Postal Money Order
The order can be placed as follows:
a) By calling our sales number directly at 08976669566
b) By sending SMS or on WhatsApp at 08976669566
c) Fill up the order form with your name and address on our official website at
Once the order is placed and confirmed we ship the product within 48 hours. The shipping details will be sent to your mobile via SMS. On an average, it takes about 2-5 working days depending which part of India you reside.
NO. When you use ProExtender Ultimate you do not need use any unnecessary medications, supplements, herbs, oils, lotions, etc. These products are not necessary neither do they work. Hence we do not sell them nor do we recommend them.
NONE. Use of ProExtender Ultimate device is 100% natural with absolutely no side effects whatsoever.

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