Do penis extenders really work?


The typical penis size is around 12.9-14 centimeters when erect. When flaccid, however, it’s about 9 centimeters on average. Therefore, most men’s penises are within this standard size range.

Despite this, gentle stretching can help those who feel stressed about their penis size. For instance, men who are unhappy with their sexual compatibility with a partner or those struggling with body image issues.

What’s more, recent evidence suggests that penis stretching might treat a medical condition called Peyronie’s Disease. This condition can cause erections to be bent and uncomfortable.

Stretching might also help with micropenis, which is defined as a penis size that is inferior to 7 centimeters when erect.

In this article, we will briefly cover the concept of penile stretching, then switch gears to common methods to increase penile length, including an FDA-approved device of penile extenders.

When does your penis stop growing?

Despite starting from early childhood, most of the penile growth will occur during puberty. This does not mean that the penis will suddenly stop growing after puberty winds down.

Some growth can be seen as late as 15-19 years old.

However, the rate of growth between the ages of 15-19 is extremely slow, and virtually impossible after the ages of 18-21 without some sort of enlargement program.

So, with this in mind, it becomes pretty evident that after the age of 18-21, the penis you have is likely to be the one you will keep – in terms of length and girth.

What is penile stretching?

Penis stretching revolves around using various tools to make the penis longer or bigger.

Some non-surgical methods to stretch your penis include:

  • Certain exercises
  • Devices that create a suction effect
  • Rings are worn around the penis and scrotum
  • Devices that stretch the penis (i.e., penis extenders)

Moreover, there are also surgical procedures that can make a person’s penis longer.

Penis stretching tools

There are various penis enlargement tools for sale out there. But according to the Urology Care Foundation, nearly all of them don’t work. There’s hardly any research backing up their effectiveness in making the penis longer.

The one exception might be penis extenders since they are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Here is a list of some of these tools:

1.      Vacuum pumps

This is a tube that goes over the penis. When you pump air out of the tube, blood flows to the penis, causing it to swell and become erect. The main reason to use vacuum pumps is for men who have erection problems.

Some claim that the regular use of a vacuum pump makes the penis larger, but research doesn’t support this. A 2006 study found no significant physical changes after 6 months of use. However, some users did feel happier after using the pump.

2.      Penoscrotal rings

These rings go around the base of the penis. They work by limiting blood flow to the penis to create a stronger or longer-lasting erection.

Some studies suggest that using one of these rings with certain erection drugs (e.g., Viagra, Cialis) could make the penis bigger in men with anxiety. Unfortunately, we lack the research to support these claims since only two cases demonstrate these effects.

3.      Penile Extenders

These devices stretch the penis tissues to make it longer. Some research found that these can increase penis length. In a 2015 study, 193 men wore a penis extender for 4-6 hours a day for 6 months. The results showed that these devices increased the size of the flaccid penis by an average of 1 to 2.2 centimeters.

What’s more, a 2020 review concluded that penile extenders increased relaxed penis length by 1.7 centimeters.

How to safely use a penis extender

According to current research, most penis exercises and stretching devices carry little to no risks.

If you’re trying a penis extender, remember to:

  • Avoid stretching the penis when it’s erect. It should always be flaccid
  • Apply the correct amount of bearable traction force according to the instructions manual
  • Stop if feel unusual pain or discomfort

When to see a doctor about penis extenders?

If you try any penis stretching method and experience severe or long-lasting side effects, see a doctor right away. You can also speak to your doctor about your penis size and the utility of using a penis extender. They can offer advice and reassurance.

For men with Peyronie’s disease, a doctor can diagnose it and help come up with a treatment plan.

In some instances, the worry is psychological. For this reason, treatments, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), might be more effective in helping people feel better about their bodies.

When to expect results?

You need to keep in mind that a penis extender will not deliver noticeable results within a few days. Therefore, do not expect to see any immediate changes. Any increases in penis size will be visible in a few months.

Many people notice tiny increases (in millimeters) within the first month. However, a significant change is likely to take at least 2-3 months. According to some anecdotal evidence, you can expect to see a gain of a few centimeters or more after 5-6 months of use.

Keep in mind that this rate varies greatly from one person to another. Some guys might see changes to their penis size sooner, whereas others might wait for several months to see any changes. The only way to know is to try it out and see what happens. Just make sure you measure often and keep track of your progress.

Takeaway message

Penile extenders are effective devices approved by the FDA to treat erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, and other issues.

Hopefully, this article managed to shed some light on the potential methods to stretch your penis and increase its length and girth.

If you have any questions about penile extenders, please do not hesitate to check out the following page by clicking here.

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