What are the benefits of using the ProExtender?

The ProExtender benefits in 2 ways:
1- Enlarges penis size
2- Straightens bent penis (penile curvature) in Peyronies condition.

Does the ProExtender device really work?

The ProExtender penis extender system is medically and FDA-approved for penis enlargement, millions of people using the device have reported positive results when used regularly according to the Proextender operation manual.

Is ProExtender safe to use?

ProExtender is 100% safe, the product is FDA and medically-approved, and the process is 100% natural. You do not need to intake any medicines, pills, tablets, harmful chemicals, supplements, oils, or lotions since none of these have any documented success or scientific support in penis enlargement.

The ProExtender device is medically approved, doctors and Andrologists recommended & prescribed the product. We have over 7,000,00 users and none of them have reported any adverse effects.

How do I know ProExtender System is useful and will work for me?

If you’re looking for a penis enlargement or male organ developer device then you’ve landed at the right and the best place. ProExtender Ultimate System is one of the best and most successful penis enlargement devices to be found anywhere in the world and millions of people around the globe have gained desired penile inches using this device, you too could be one of them, why wait? The sooner the better and it’s now or never. Give it a try and we’re sure it won’t disappoint you!

What results can I expect?

People using the ProExtender penis enlarger have reported a 1-3 inches increase in length and up to 35% increment in girth. You will start seeing noticeable penis increment results within 3-4 weeks. The average desired results take a minimum of 20-24 weeks of prescribed ProExtender penis extender use.

How long should one use the Proextender daily?

The average use of ProExtender is about 5-6 hours 6 days a week. It’s important to take one day off in a week for recuperation.

Does the Penis Extender Correct Penile Curvature?

Yes. Penile curvature is surely corrected by using Proextender System provided it is used in a correct and prescribed manner as advised in the ProExtender operation manual. ProExtender has been proven effective in straightening the penis of men who suffer from Peyronie’s disease, a condition caused by inflammation and scarring of the penis. Patients can anticipate the improvement of curvature, in some cases up to 90%, without the need for any surgical procedure.

Do I need a prescription to purchase or use?

No. The ProExtender system is an over the counter (OTC) Device and hence does not require a prescription to procure one. Medical consultation is not required before using the device. The penis extender comes with an instructional manual and video to assist you in how to use the device safely and effectively.

Is my penis shorter than when I was 21 years old and will the ProExtender make it bigger?

Although not empirically validated, most men claim by age 40 that their penis has become smaller. Generally, by age 40, most men experience ten percent shrinkage in length and thickness. By age 50 most men experience a 20 percent decrease in their erection size as compared to when they were in their mid-twenties. The penis enlarger ProExtender system will bring the penis back to the size where you were at age 21.

What age or type of men use ProExtender?

All men above the age of 18 years can use ProExtender penis enlarger. This includes straight men, gay men, high-income men, low-income men, rich, poor, young, and old men. Bodybuilders and college jocks especially enjoy using the penis enlargement ProExtender.

If I have genital implants, can I use the ProExtender?

No. If you have any type of implant in your penis or any kind of penile surgery we strictly do not recommend the use of the Penis Enlarger ProExtender device. However, it is OK if you have implants in your scrotum, in such cases always consult with your physician or urologist.

If I have a blood clotting disease, is it ok to use the penis enlarger ProExtender?

No, hemophiliacs or any individual with blood clotting disorders should not use ProExtender.

Can non-circumcised men use the ProExtender?

Yes, the ProExtender can be worn by both uncircumcised and circumcised men.

Should I pull my foreskin back when wearing the device?

It is recommended that you pull the foreskin of the penis back, wear protective foam padding and then wear the Proextender device on it. Wearing the device in this manner will ensure the best comfort and results.

Will ProExtender increase length only?

The ProExtender helps enlarge penis size in length and thickness(girth).
When there is an increase in the number of cells (cell multiplication) the result is an overall increase in size i.e. length and girth both.

My penis is curved since birth, will ProExtender help?

Yes, the proextender device helps in straightening all types of penile curvatures.
A curvature in the penis present since the time of birth is called a congenital curvature. This usually occurs one side of the penis is larger in size than the other which leads to a bent-like shape. The condition becomes visible and more evident during puberty.

How soon can I expect results by using the extender device?

Enlargement of the penis is a slow and gradual process hence it is very important that you are patient with the process.
There are no fast or overnight results when it comes to penis enlargement. The key here is to be patient, consistent and regular.

You shall start noticing some initial changes in your penis size within a month’s usage, it is important that you don’t stop using at this point and continue using the product for at least 3-4 months for the best results.

I have a curvature in my penis, how do I know that I have the Peyronies disease or not?

If you have a curvature in your penis then it is likely that you have plaque
(fibrous tissue) in your penis.

If the curvature is significant and you have difficulty maintaining an erection or performing sexual intercourse then the condition is called Peyronies disease.

Can I urinate (pee) when wearing ProExtender?

Yes, you can but we recommend that you unstrap your penis while urination.

Do you provide any pills, oils, tablets, or medications along with the ProExtender?

No, we do not provide any type of medications, pills, tablets, oils, or medications along with the device.
Also, we do not recommend taking any pills, tablets, or any form of medication for penis enlargement. Any form of medication does not work for enhancement.

In which position of the penis should I wear ProExtender?

You are supposed to wear ProExtender System in the flaccid/semi-flaccid(normal) position of the penis. Upward or Downward direction is fine.
The device should not be worn in an erect state.

ProExtender is a sex toy? Is it legal to buy proextender in India?

ProExtender is a medical device used by people for penis enlargement and to correct the curvature of a bent penis in the Peyronies condition.
The device is 100% legal to buy in India since it is not a sex toy. It is also recommended, and prescribed by doctors, urologists, and surgeons around the world and India.

Is ProExtender System safe to use?

ProExtender is 100% safe, the product is FDA and medically-approved, and the process is 100% natural. You do not need to intake any medicines, pills, tablets, harmful chemicals, supplements, oils, or lotions since none of these have any documented success or scientific support in penis enlargement.

Are the results permanent?

The results are 100% permanent, you do not need to use it once you gain enlargement.

How does the ProExtender Device work?

Using the ProExtender device to improve penile rigidity, penis size, penile enhancement, and straighten the penis are like bodybuilding. Two-thirds of your penis is made up of muscle structures known as corpus cavernosum this spongy tissue will grow and cells multiply due to consistent traction or stretch applied to the penis on a daily basis. This process is 100% safe and natural.

What are the expected gains of using the Penis Enlarger ProExtender Ultimate Device?

Most individuals gain anywhere from 1-3 inches in length and about a 35% increase in girth (thickness) within 24 weeks of use.
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