How to use ProExtender Instructions

how to use proextender

Time needed: 1 minute.

Instructions on how to use Proextender penis extender?

  1. Wear in flaccid (non-erect state)

    Ensure that the penis is in the normal, flaccid state while wearing the Proextender. Flaccid & Erect Penis Position

  2. Wear protective padding

    Kindly wear the protective foam padding on your penis head.

  3. Wear comfort strap

    Insert the penis through the round basal ring and wear your desired strap (Silicone tube, silicone strap or velcro comfort strap). proextender comfort straps

  4. Adjust the length of the device

    Increase the length of the elongation rods by turn in clockwise or anti-clockwise till you feel the comfortable stretch.

  5. Wear in upward or downward direction

    You can keep the penis in either upward or downward direction and wear your clothes over it. (*the device isn’t visible when worn)

Instructions on how to use Proextender correctly?

  • For optimum results and to avoid any injury kindly use the Proextender as prescribed.
  • When wearing the Proextender, fasten the strap/bent only enough to hold the penis head against the device comfortably. (*Do not fasten the belt too tight)
  • Increase the length of rods until you feel a stretch on your penis.
  • Initially, when you start you may wear Proextender as long as you feel comfortable it could be 10 mins or every 2 hours. You may take several breaks between using Proextender at different intervals.
  • Slowly and gradually increase the time as you wear Proextender.
    Kindly take a break for at least 1 day in a week for recuperation. It is recommended that you wear for 6 days in a weeks time
  • Once you are able to wear the device for at least 5-6 hours continuously without any breaks then you may also wear the device while sleeping.
  • Once you can use Proextender for 5-6 hours continuously without breaks then you may also wear it while sleeping too.
  • Do not use any pills, tablets, oils, herbal supplements or any such products with Proextender because they certainly do not work hence we do not recommend them.
penile curvature straightening
How to use ProExtender Instructions 5

Instructions on how to wear & use proextender to correct penile curvature:

  • There is only one way to wear proextender, be either for enlargement or curvature straightening in Peyronies condition.
  • It is important that you adjust the length of the rods equally so that an equal amount of tension is applied to both the sides.
  1. When worn the Proextender device exerts steady traction onto the penis.
  2. When extended, one side of the penis will feel more tension.
  3. Cell duplication allows the shorter side of the penis to catch up.
  4. The penis straightens and extends in one direction.

*For Proextender instructions kindly refer to the provided instruction manual before using the product to understand how to use proextender correctly.

*It is important that you carefully read and understand how to use the product correctly to ensure that you achieve the best results.

*Kindly note that proextender is a medical physiotherapeutic device. It works on the scientifically proven principle, hence kindly be patient and regular when using the product. Do not expect to see overnight or fast results.

*In case you have any doubts or queries you may contact our qualified technical after-sales helpline and they shall resolve them.

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