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How It Works?

You may or may not be familiar with the tribal importance of male genitalia and penis size. As well as the importance of the size of other limbs.

Historical Evidence: Ancient Principle, Modern Approach

Historically, tribes have used weights and other instruments to stretch body parts, whether it be lips, ears, and even the penis. Ancient tribal groups have been known to attach stones to the penis to provide a gentle stretch, over time this increases penis size.

What they discovered, without knowing why it worked, is that the gradually applied stimulation of traction, or stretching, actually encourages the growth and expansion of tissue cells.

The growth or change is permanent. The penis extender uses these ancient and proven techniques to provide penis enlargement.

You may also be familiar with the Asian Neck Ladies, who are able to increase the size of their necks by almost 50% by applying small amounts of pressure to their body.

These principles are tried, tested, and true and by combining the best science and historical proof.

Penis Enlargement achieved through penis stretching

penis cells multiplication
How It Works? 10

ProExtender penis extender provides you with the same principle but medically and doctor-approved method for permanent penis enlargement.

ProExtender penis enlargement device is medically and clinically acclaimed and proven to increase the size.

It creates calibrated traction force, due to which the cells in penis tissue first expand in size and then slowly and gradually multiply in number.

This results in enlargement of the penis size. The results achieved by using the product are permanent.

The latest generation model of the Proextender product with comfort strap technology is devised to improve blood circulation to the penis. This results in enhanced libido and sexual performance.

The product works for men of any age, race, and body type. The principle behind the working of the Proextender traction device is very simple and ensures the best results for male enhancement.

Proextender is designed to exert the right amount of tension to the penis, gradually increasing over a period of time in a controlled easy manner.

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