Pro Extender System Supreme+ (Plus) Model

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The ProExtender Supreme Plus Model is the most advanced, best top-of-the-line model available in India. The Supreme Plus model consists of an improved design over the previous Ultimate Model. It comes with aluminum rods which makes it lightweight and more comfortable to wear and use.

The Pro Extender Supreme Plus model is made of medical grade body safe unbreakable material which makes with ultra-durable and portable to use and carry.

The ProExtender Supreme Plus Model – Penis Extender with 8 Rods is scientifically designed to extend the size of the penis permanently in length and girth. The penis extender is devised to create precisely scientifically calibrated traction on your penis, as a result, the cells in your penis tissue expand and gradually multiply in number which increases penis size. The process is 100% safe and natural and completely painless. The process is 100% risk-free and does not give any side effects.

How does the penis extender work?

The penis extender device sits on your penis, the base of the device (basal ring) sits at the base of the penis and the strap goes just behind the head of the penis (glans). To begin with, make sure that both sides of the rods are of equal length, and extend the length of the rods by unscrewing them clockwise.

Although the body’s natural reaction to the traction force exerted by the device is to resist. Over the period of time, the body will stop resisting the traction force and start cell multiplication (cytokinesis) due to which penis tissue expands. Thus, your penis will slowly and gradually naturally add tissue resulting in a bigger and thicker penis.

Pro Extender a Peyronies curvature straightening device:

ProExtender is prescribed and recommended by surgeons and doctors worldwide for the treatment of Peyronies condition and is also, used as the ‘first line of treatment’ for correcting penile curvature in patients with penile curvature. Because of the extension of the penis in a straight direction, the penis grows in one direction and becomes straight. The penis extender device offers the best comfort when worn making it the best Peyronies device.

proextender curvature straightening device

We have thousands and thousands of satisfied customers all over India who have reported positive results. The penis extender includes 4 extra aluminum rods which extend the length of the device. The initial length of the penis extender device is 4 inches. The instruction manual provided with the Extender device is in the English language. However, our company will soon launch a Hindi version. The box includes an instruction manual and DVD which has demo videos and extra penis enhancement exercises. You may follow them for better penis enlargement results.

In conclusion, the ProExtender penis extender device is indeed the best enlargement device available in the market. Place your order with us to avail of the best services, we ship by express service discreetly all over India and the middle east.

6 reviews for Pro Extender System Supreme+ (Plus) Model

  1. Bina Bhawan (verified owner)

    Very light weight, comfortable and works like a charm.

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  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  3. Atul (verified owner)

    Great product if you put in the time and work.
    Great quality and after sales service

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  4. Venugopal Sattineni (verified owner)

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  5. Dev

    Need to put in time and effort

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  6. Mahesh (verified owner)

    Initially I got the AndroPenis Andro Extender from Dr. Vijayant Govinda Gupta – a Urologist in Delhi for Rs. 12,000/- which has 1 silicone tube to hold penis. It was very uncomfortable and I researched online and learned about ProExtender Supreme Plus from MyNoveltyShop, the support team after understanding my requirement helped me get the Supreme Plus model of the penile extender. The quality of proextender is much better than andropenis extender device. I’m so glad I found a better Pro penis extender for less than half the price of AndroPenis with access to support and all accessories and spares for the product.

    Image #1 from Mahesh
    Image #2 from Mahesh
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