Silicone Tube Noose (Set of 2) Accessory


The silicone tube (Noose) is one of the straps with the ProExtender System. The silicone tube was the very first strap introduced with the classic version of the Proextender.

It’s one of the straps for holding the penis against the penis extender device. The silicone tube has to be inserted into the holes in the front piece combo base plate, and locked into the ridges at the bottom.

The silicone tube is still one of the favorite straps and is widely used by customers. The silicone tube strap fits firmly over the protective foam padding supplied with the product to hold the penis, ensuring that the penis is held securely onto the front base plate piece.

As the name suggests, the tube is made up of silicone which is skin-friendly and does not cause irritation or burns.

It is strongly recommended that you always wear protective foam padding supplied along with the product before securing the strap.

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