ProExtender Silicone Comfort Strap


The silicone comfort strap accessory of the ProExtender System is a versatile and adjustable solution designed for use during the course of usage of the penis extender system. It’s engineered with comfort in mind. The silicone strap offers a secure grip for comfort and enhanced results.

The strap is crafted with medical-grade hypoallergenic silicone material. The strap is soft to the touch which ensures optimal comfort during usage. The silicone strap is durable, this ensured long-lasting performance and a reliable snug fit.

The silicone comfort strap is adjustable in length, this allows easy customization according to one’s penis size and individual preference.

To wear the strap, place the penis on the front combo plate, wear protective foam padding, position it behind the glans, and adjust the grip. (*Word of caution: It is important to wear the silicone comfort strap with a comfortable grip only enough to hold the penis against the device. Do not constrict the penis with a tight hold.)

Not only does the silicone comfort strap hold the proextender penile traction device in place, it also prevents slippage or discomfort during use.

The latest models of the proextender system have the provision to wear silicone strap and silicone tube altogether for a better grip.


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